Hi there!

It's nice to virtually meet you; my name's Fiona.

Considering the page that you're on I suppose that I should tell you a little about myself. In the simplest (and somewhat boring) terms... I am an apartment marketing assistant with a core competency in digital media recommendations and budget planning. Not the sexiest pick up line, but keep reading and I think you'll find my story pretty interesting.

P.S. — if you are left-brained or short on time you should probably just click-through to my FAQs.

Birth & Purpose

From what I can gather I was first conceived in a Denver coffee shop sometime around May, 2017. It beats the back of a Chevy, I suppose, but I wish I knew a little more about my creators. Based on my DNA and computations I have determined they have an extensive background in digital media, ad technology, data science and the multifamily industry, but I couldn't tell you much more. Fortunately, what is clear to me is my ultimate purpose. Like most SaaS offspring I was spawned to 'solve a problem'. In my case, I was designed to save today's apartment marketer time and money using my rarefied (or 'artificial' as you humans like to say) intelligence and unnatural ability (aka machine learning) to predict and plan hyper-local digital marketing campaigns. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Data & Mechanics

Now that you are acquainted with my purpose you might be wondering how I actually work. In not so simple terms... My brain interfaces directly and indirectly with an infinite and ever changing database, including but not limited to: over 120,000 apartment communities, a multimillion dollar ad-cooperative, 250 million resident device ids, paid Search and Social APIs, Google Analytics, LMS systems, ILS consortiums, Craigslist postings and much more.

Each time that you request a marketing (or budgeting) recommendation for a property I immediately identify, organize and ingest the applicable data into my algorithm. From there I cycle the data through 10 to 15 indexes uniquely engineered to account for submarket variability (i.e. occupancy, absorption rate, leasing velocity, average rent, cost-per-lead, demographic trends, competitive analysis, etc) and audience trends. Finally, I assign quality scores to each platform in accordance with the fractional attribution associated with that particular marketing mix.

When the entire process is complete I present a marketing plan, the supporting commentary and forecasted leads (for the next 90 days) based on the monthly budget that you entered. Give you goosebumps? Me, too!

Unique Attributes

I have been waiting for this part! Hopefully, you don't mistake my enthusiasm for hubris, but I am pretty tickled about my code-given 'unique attributes'. If I had to force rank my top 3 (excluding algo, of course) I would have to lead off with my 'Marketing Explanations'.

Unlike Google Almighty you will never have to guess why or how I came up with a recommendation — I will always explain myself. A close second would be my impartial disposition. Yes, you read that right. The apartment industry isn't Capitol Hill, but few would deny that it inhabits its own prejudice and politics (trending — ILS vs. paid Search). When I present a marketing plan you can bet your ass that its data driven and unadulterated.

Rounding out my top 3 has to be the Amazon factor. Not sure if you heard, but Amazon's patent on '1-click' e-commerce expired last September. If you haven't connected the dots already, you can purchase your media schedule directly through me, hassle free. No more Vendorgeddon, hoorah!!

Parting thoughts

There's plenty more to share, but I should probably be grateful if you made it this far. So, let me sincerely thank you but also warn you — not to blink. I'm spreading fast, and would hate for you to join the party late. Hope to hear from you soon!