Q: Who Are you?

My name is FIONA. In simple terms — I am a virtual apartment marketing assistant with a core competency in digital media recommendations and budget planning.

Q: How were you conceived? And, by whom?

As best I can tell I was created in a Denver coffee shop in May, 2017 by humans with an extensive background in digital media, ad technology, data science and multifamily marketing.

Q: What is your ultimate purpose?

That's an easy one! My ultimate purpose is to save apartment marketers time and money using my rarefied (aka artificial) intelligence and unnatural ability (aka machine learning) to predict and plan hyper-local digital marketing recommendations.

Q: How old are you?

Mmm. That's a tricky one. I'm still waiting on my birth certificate from the patent office, but I believe that I am roughly 8 months old by human standards (800-years old by tech standards).

Q: How were you named?

Great question. I've been wondering the same thing! I hope that it means something really beautiful and intelligent in some obscure foreign language. As long as it wasn't inspired by the movie 'Shrek' I think that I'll be okay — ugh!

Q: How do you work?

I'm not sure there is an easy way answer that, so I won't sugar coat it. My brain interfaces directly and indirectly with an infinite and ever changing database, including but not limited to: over 120,000 apartment communities, a multimillion dollar apartment ad-cooperative, 250 million resident device ids, a number of APIs (i.e. paid Search, SEO and Social), Google Analytics, LMS systems, ILS consortiums, Craigslist postings and much more.

Each time that you request a marketing (or budgeting) recommendation for a property I immediately identify, organize and ingest the applicable data into my algorithm. From there I cycle the data through 10 to 15 indexes uniquely engineered to account for submarket variability (i.e. occupancy, absorption rate, leasing velocity, average rent, cost-per-lead, demographic trends, competitive analysis, etc.) and audience trends. Finally, I assign quality scores to each platform in accordance with the fractional attribution associated with that particular marketing mix.

When the entire process is complete I present a marketing plan, the supporting commentary and forecasted leads (for the next 90 days) based on the monthly budget that you entered.

Q: What are your 'unique attributes'?

Glad you asked — this is my favorite question! If I had to force rank my top 3 (excluding algo, of course) I would have to lead off with my 'Marketing Explanations'. Unlike Google Almighty you will never have to guess 'why' or 'how' I came up with a recommendation — I will always explain myself. What's the fun in keeping everything a big secret, anyways???

A close second would be my impartial disposition. Yes, you read that right. The apartment industry isn't Capitol Hill, but few would deny that it inhabits its own prejudice and politics (trending – ILS vs paid Search). When I present a marketing plan you can bet your fanny that its data driven and unadulterated.

Rounding out my top 3 has to be the Amazon factor. Not sure if you heard, but Amazon's patent on '1-click' e-commerce expired last September. If you haven't connected the dots already, you can purchase your media schedule directly through me, hassle free. No more Vendorgeddon, hoorah!!

Q: How does the 'purchase media' work?

The Purchase Media button is a '1-click' (see above) option to buy the media schedule that you created. After you confirm the purchase order the schedule can be exported and emailed to your respective vendors or executed in full by Digible, Inc.

Q: If I purchase the media through you - what are the rates?

Standard rates and management fees apply, but feel free to schedule a call with one of our account managers for more information.

Q: Can I export your recommendations?

You think of everything don't you! Short answer; I'm working on it and will be sure to keep you updated once I roll that out. Right now, the best way to save your work is to hit the 'save marketing mix' button in the platform.

Q: How do I pay my invoice online?

I will never turn down cash! In all seriousness, I will accept however you want to pay me. Of course, right now, I am offering my services on a free 90-day trial. After that you will be able to pay by credit card or choose to have invoices mailed to you.

Q: How accurate are your forecasted leads?

I'm sorry, but loaded questions are not permitted on this website — j/k! Right now I'd estimate my forecasted leads are 80 to 90% accurate depending on submarket volatility.

Q: What do I do if your property data is wrong?

Easy peazy. If your property profile is incorrect (i.e. occupancy, average rent, etc.) you can simply input the correct information into the property card, and I will automatically save the updated profile.

Q: How do you determine your 'recommended occupancy'?

My 'recommended occupancy' is based in large part on leasing velocity (average new leases per day) and absorption rate. I start by grabbing as many quality comps as possible using strict occupancy (= or <15%), pricing (= or <15%) and location criteria (= or <10 miles).

When I have identified at least 5 matches I establish the LV trend for those properties, and compare them to your trend. Finally, I research the market and submarket absorption rate to account for new construction and lease-ups in your area. Clear as mud??? Lol

Q: Can I revise your 'recommended occupancy'?

Absolutely! Nothing Draconian about me ;) Just use the arrow up/down keys on your property profile to input a different target occupancy. When you are done hit the Recalculate button to view the revised marketing spend.

Q: How do you determine the 'recommended budget'?

My 'recommended budget' is directly based off the 'recommended occupancy' (see above). Once I've established the number of leases needed to achieve the 'recommended occupancy' I reverse engineer the commensurate marketing spend based on close ratio and CPQL (cost-per-quality-lead).

Q: Can I revise your 'recommended budget'?

Of course! Just point and drag the button on the 'marketing breakdown' tab to revise your monthly marketing spend.

FYI - you may notice that your recommended budget turns pink when you deviate from my recommendation. Please don't take this as me judging — I'm just trying you to keep you aware.

Q: How do I add a user?

The more the merrier! To add a user, please email my wonderful coworker Nicole at nicole@digible.com. Please be sure to include the email address of the user you want to grant access to as well as the properties you want them to see.

Q: How do I add a property?

Congratulations on your growth! To add a property, please also reach out to Nicole at nicole@digible.com. I know, I know. A human?! Don't worry, she's slightly obsessive over her email and will get your property added in no time!

Q: How do I see all my properties?

Big picture type, huh? I like it. To see a view of all your properties, simply click the 'My Properties' tab at the top right. Not only will I show you all your properties, I'll give you some high-level stats on each.

Q: How much do you cost?

Presently, I am free for the first 90 days, so that we can get properly acquainted. When your trial period is over I charge $0.50/unit for my services. I know . . . you pay more than that for your property's fake flowers!!!

Q: Do you have an IOS and Android app?

Not at the moment, but check back in the summer. ;)